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Dhol at Parklands, Quendon Hall

The dhol gives us the opportunity to perform for people on the most important and auspicious day of their lives. This is always such a great honour and in over 10 years of playing, this feeling has not diminished […]

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Jamie and Sean, Windsor

The Queen of England most definitely heard the beat of our dhol drums on Friday the 15th of May when we escorted Jamie, our beautiful Princess bride past Windsor castle to the Windsor Parish where she married her handsome […]

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Sanjay and Preeti, 8 Northumberland Av

All the weddings that we play at are very special to us and we like to treat them like family weddings, doing as much as possible to help create memorable moments and make the day an amazing experience for […]

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Copthorne Effingham Park

The hotel guests at the Copthorne Effingham certainly didn’t need a wake up call on this Saturday morning…

With the help of Curehn’s family, we raised the volume level at 9:30am providing an audacious Bollywood entrance for the dapper groom.  […]

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Raising the Energy Levels at Battersea Power Station. (24/11/12)

Look at how magnificent this historic landmark of London looks, lit up for this grand wedding of Arjun and Lucy. Battersea Power station was originally a coal-fired power station in the 1930’s, but years on it became a derelict […]

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The Wedding of Milan and Karishma, Harrow. (10/11/12)

I have never seen so many people doing the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance at the same time at a wedding! This is the wedding of Milan and Karishma at Premier Banqueting in Harrow. The day started in the morning with […]

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Diwali at Diageo with Drummers Delight. (13/11/12).

It was an honour to have performed for the Diageo employees in Park Royal in what was the first time ever Diwali has been celebrated in the history of this large premium drinks company. We performed during the lunch […]

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The Wedding of Kiran and James, Brittania Hotel, Docklands. (6/10/12)

Performing at the The Brittania Hotel Docklands was going on a journey back in time for Drummers Delight as it is where one of the first performances took place many moons ago. Kiran and James made a great choice […]

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The Wedding of Pauline and Arjan, Shennai Reading. (6/10/12)

This is the lovely wedding of Pauline and Arjan at the Shennai Banqueting in Reading. Pauline and Arjan looked great together as we  escorted them into the reception hall in the ‘Grand Entrance’ with their family and friends dancing […]

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The Wedding of Pavan and Manraj, Effingham Park. (30/9/12).

This has to be the most unique table centre piece I have seen from all the weddings we have been to, I think this picture speaks for itself:

Pavan and Manraj celebrated their wedding at the lovely Copthorne hotel in […]

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Rupeena and Amandeep, Hilton Hotel, Heathrow (T5). (23/9/12).

This is the first time we performed at this relatively new Hilton Hotel near Heathrow Terminal 5, for the wedding of Rupeena and Amandeep. Before guests entered the wonderfully decorated venue they enjoyed a drinks reception where there was […]

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Meera and Nikhil, Beaumont House, Windsor. (23/9/12)

It was a rainy morning at Beaumont House for Nikhil’s Bharaat entrance to his wedding with Meera, but the only difference this made was the addition of an umbrella to keep Nikhil dry as he stepped out of a […]

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James’ Big Entrance for his Big Day, Syon Park. (14/9/12)

James started his wedding with a big bang at The Garden Room Syon Park, where we escorted him and his family into the venue, in what was a bharaat procession. The friends and family gathered outside the gate to […]

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A Midweek Mehndi Party at the Dorchester, London. (12/9/12).

What a way to break up the working week….a Wednesday night of fun filled Mehndi night celebrations at the very elegant Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane. We escorted the couple into the main ballroom where they meeeted and greeted their […]

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Meena’s Birthday Party, High Barn, Great Bardfield. (8/9/12).

We celebrated Meena’s Birthday with her at the very lovely High Barn which is a medieval timber framed barn in Great Bardfield. The venue was beautifully decorated, with great small idea’s like this guest book in the shape of […]

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The Wedding Of Tejpal and Nichelle, Painshill Park. (2/9/12)

This is truly a case of ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’! Tejpal and Nichelle knew each other since the age of 9, which we became aware of during the fantastic speech by Tejpal at the reception which took place […]

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The Wedding of Amrit and Amrit, Regency Banqueting Suite, Wolverhampton. (1/9/12)

It is a very rare occasion to meet a couple getting married who share exactly the same first name. The well known American couple who also shared their names (first and last) ‘Kelly Hildebrandt’ were all over the American […]

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Westminster Park Plaza, London. (26/8/12).

On our very busy Saturday we performed in the evening at the Westminster Park Plaza Hotel at a very grand and lavish wedding. There was a very busy drinks reception taking place as we arrived and I remember it […]

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The Wedding of Sim and Sand, Epsom Racecourse. (26/8/12)

What a beautiful day for a beautiful wedding. The started at the Gravesend Gurdwara (Sikh temple) where we met Sand, who looked very handsome, and his family as they gathered to make the bharaat entrance into the temple grounds. […]

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The Wedding of Simran and Nakul, Radisson Edwardian. (18/8/12)

Simran and Nakul celebrated their wedding reception at the wonderful Radisson Edwardian Hotel near Heathrow. This hotel has a great feeling of elegance and class to it, every time we perform here. The reception took place in the County […]

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The Wedding Of Nisha and Rohit, London Syon Park. (18/8/12)

The hottest wedding of the year in more respects than one! This was a wedding very close to the hearts of DD as it was the big day for our friend Mr Rohit Rikhi. The day started with Rohit’s […]

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The Wedding of Jay and Navin, Savill Court Hotel. (12/8/12)

I think we are going to get a bit of a reputation for ourselves as “The drummers who woke us up early on a Sunday morning”. This is because we met Navin at his house in Norwood Green yesterday […]

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The Wedding of Nazneen and Paul, Ridge Farm Dorking. (11/8/12)

The skies were clear, the sun was shining brightly and there was a light breeze, which was the perfect weather for this outdoor wedding of Nazneen and Paul at the Ridge Farm in Dorking. Ridge farm is a historic […]

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The Wedding of Asha and Vijay, Lakeview Marquee. (4/8/12)

Asha and Vijay celebrated their wedding in the beautiful Lakeview Marquee in Fairlop waters. The marquee has some very nice new touches since the last time we have performed here including the LED walkway and the very majestic looking […]

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The Wedding of Kaival and Shireena, Whittlebury Hall. (29/7/12)

Kaival and Shireena held their wedding reception at the very lovely Whittlebury Hall (Hotel and Spa) in Northampton. While guests enjoyed canopies’ and drinks provided by ‘Jush’ catering we had a peak inside the very beautifully decorated venue. There […]

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The Wedding of Gurpreet and Kuldip, Derby. (29/7/12)

This weekend we drove along most of the M1. The early morning start took us to Derby to the house of Kuldip, where I think we woke up his neighbours as we played Kuldip out of his house. After […]

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The Wedding of Sukie and Sat, Sheraton Park Lane. (8/7/12)

All the hotels on Park Lane are magnificent, but this weekend the very elegant Sheraton hotel really stood out. The reception hall had large sparkling chandeliers hanging from above, and this matched the table centerpieces which were also chandelier […]

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Harminder and Renna, Felbridge Hotel. (1/7/12)

This was was our third and final performance of this very busy Saturday for DD. Harminder and Renna celebrated their wedding at the Felbridge spa and hotel. We arrived early so we got to see how wonderfully the venue […]

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“I’ve got them Moves Like Jagger” Rajni and Sukh, Berkshire Polo Club (30/6/12)

This wedding has the most memorable dance competition of the year so far. Rajini and Sukh celebrated their wedding at the Royal county of Berkshire Polo Club on a day where the sun was shining brightly and everyone was […]

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The Wedding Of Rakhi and Andrew, Northbrook Park. (29/6/12)

It was an early morning start on what started off as a wet friday morning at Northbrook Park in Surrey. This 18th century grade 2 listed building is a premier wedding venue which is set in 120 acres of […]

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The Wedding of Rajal and Dhiran, The Garden Room, Syon Park. (23/6/12)

Rajal and Dhiran celebrated their wedding day in the Garden Room, Syon Park. We started the day by escorting Dhiran into the venue as he enjoyed rolling into the forecourt in a shiny white convertible Bentley. We led the […]

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The Wedding of Krishna and Maheem, Riverside. (23/6/12)

The Riverside is another fantastic venue where Krishna and Maheem held their wedding. Maheem, looking like a prince arrived on a beautifully decorated white horse  (provided by ‘Film and TV horses’). The crowd cheered and danced in front of […]

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The Wedding of Hina and Mahib at Wokefield Park. (10/6/12)

We can never seem to get bored of the very picturesque Wokefield park. We are always amazed by how beautiful the landscape around the mansion house is. On this weekend we shared the venue with footballers from the FA […]

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Nav and Jaz, The Empire, Leicester. (9/6/12)

This Saturday we drove from the DD base in Harrow up the M1 to the lovely Empire Banqueting hall in Leicester for the wedding of Jaz and Nav.  Although we performed for Jaz in the morning for a Bharat […]

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A ‘Full Moon Party': Anniversary Celebrations at the Tythe Barn, Bicester. (4/6/12)

The Tythe Barn is a beautiful 14th Century stone and thatched structure located on the outskirts of Bicester. We arrived at this anniversary party around sunset so we had some time to appreciate the beauty of this fantastically renovated building. […]

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Sachin and Aniksha, Hilton Park Lane. (4/6/12)

After a couple of days of celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the first event of this long weekend was at Hilton Park Lane for Sachin and Aniksha’s wedding ceremony. The ceremony took place in the Ballroom, which had been […]

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The wedding of Nisha and Taranjit at the Berkshire Polo Club. (15/4/12)

Nisha and Taranjit had their lovely bright white wedding reception in the grounds of the Royal County of Berkshire Polo club. The interior decor, sculpture’s and lounge seating seen in the picture below was setup by Royal Wedding Services. […]

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The entertainment filled wedding of Kathy and Jora, Slough. (26/5/12)

The lovely couple Kathy and Jora celebrated their wedding at Slough Centre on a very sunny saturday afternoon. They made the most of the good weather by taking some great pictures in the gardens just outside the venue:

Once the […]

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‘The Beat Of the Drum Goes Round and Round’ – Egham. 3/5/12.

If you have been following us and reading our blog, you will be aware that recently we stumbled across what we thought could well be the future of Drummers Delight. Following on from this; we were kindly asked to […]

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Sapna and Ranjit, Lampton conference Suite. (27/5/12)

Sapna and Ranjit made small history in Hounslow today as the first Indian Bride and Groom to hold a wedding reception at this venue. Lampton conference centre is part of the Hounslow Civic Centre, which is usually meeting the […]

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Sab and Sandy, Allesley Hotel, Coventry (7/4/12)

This weekend started with a drive up the M40 to Allesley which is on the outskirts of Coventry. This popular wedding venue is where Sab and Sandy held their beautiful wedding reception. Take a look at the magnificent chandeliers […]

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Heena and Rajiv, The Royal Ascot Racecourse. (26/5/12)

The sunshades were on, the AC was on full and the boot was packed with water bottles as we drove down to The Royal Ascot Racecourse in what was to be the first wedding for us in the much […]

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The Grand Wedding of Rhea and Harjinder (8/4/12)

Harjinder and Rhea are the most excited couple we have seen in a very long time, it was great to see that they had left their nerves at home and bought their best dancing shoes with them!

The amazing choice […]

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The Lovely Wedding Of Sapna and Niten. (6/4/12).

This weekend started at the luxurious Beaumont House in Windsor. The sound of our drums was very entertaining for some but to others (hotel guests) it must have been a very loud alarm clock, our way of saying ‘Good […]

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Helen and Gurpreet (31/3/’12)

Saturday’s fun finished up in Finsbury Town Hall at the wedding reception of Helen and Gurpreet.

We had the pleasure of entertaining two fantastic families on one big dance floor.  Lots of people smiling and having a great time, what […]

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Sukhvinder and Hardeep (31/3/12)

The middle of our Saturday took us to the home of English Rugby, Twickenham Stadium, for what was a beautifully laid out reception in the Rose suite for Sukhvinder and Hardeep. Take a look at the attention to detail […]

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‘Off The Radar!’ (31/3/12)

When Drummers Delight are requested to travel to relatively remote locations, all possible satellite navigation devices are employed to ensure out prompt and safe arrival:

The one and a bit hours drive to Swindon during sunrise was quite relaxing as […]

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The Wedding of Ritu and Manraj (18/02/2012)

2012 kicked off with a big bang of Drummers Delight at the Copthorne Hotel, Slough. The crowd were raring to go; as we entered the wonderfully decorated reception suite the family danced all the way up to the cake […]

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Hotel Reception or Wedding Reception? Risha & Shaileen (3/12/11)

If you were checking-in at the Radisson Edwardian Heathrow on Saturday morning and heard very loud drums and saw a huge crowd of people looking bright and vibrant, dancing their feet off, then you were at the wedding of […]

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The Wedding Of Mansi & James (19/11/11)

Firstly, well done to everyone doing a fantastic job of taking part in ‘Movember’. Drummers Delight are not new to the concept of sprouting moustache’s, as all year round you will find us grooming our beards in preparation to […]

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The Beautiful Wedding Of Sharon & Ajoy (29/10/11)

Drummers Delight went on a journey through the country lanes of Warwickshire to get to the Forest of Arden resort last weekend. Although the weather was on the wet side it didnt stop the guests enjoying the moment when […]

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“Did You Pack The Bag Yourself Sir?”

Just picked out a picture from the DD archive. This is a picture from the Xray scanner at the Airport in Marbella, where we spent 3 days performing at a wedding.

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Sunita and Mark, Wokefield Park (30/9/11)

This weekend we were performing in a traditional mansion in Wokefield Park, a Championship golf course on the outskirts of Reading. The Grand entrance started from outside the main house and went into the banqueting area, which you can […]

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NEWSFLASH!!! Future of Drummers Delight found!

Initially I wasn’t sure if I was seeing double, but after blinking a couple of times I was sure I could clearly see two very adorable handsome looking young chaps, who are very possibly the future Drummers Delight duo.

Their […]

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Harpreet and Jaspreet (18/9/’11)

After driving through the maze that is central London, we made our way to One London Wall, for this lavish reception. Take a look at this magnificent cake: After a delicious 3 course dinner provided by ‘Indus’ Catering, the […]

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‘Back To School’ Bearwood College (3/9/’11)

Bearwood college is an impressive Victorian mansion,situated in berkshire. The wedding reception took place in the lovely dinning area which was transformed into a wedding party setting with an intimate atmosphere.

The drums echoed all the way through the college […]

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A ‘Dance off’ at Addington Palace (20/8/’11)

This morning we went to Croydon to give what Drummers Delight call an ‘Alarm Clock’ performance ie. an early morning bharat entrance involving friends and family waking up to dancing, clapping, laughter and smiling for the cameras.

We were pleased […]

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‘Pimp My Ride’. Ealing. (27/8/11)

Today we escorted Ash and his family and friends into Ealng Gurdwara for the Anand Karaj part of Ash’s wedding.

We were very impressed by the fanatastic Ambassador car  Ash arrived in at Ealing gurdwara. With a variety of sounds […]

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Elite Banqueting, London. (20/8/’11)

This weekend involved a lot of driving. First stop in the Docklands to the Elite Banqueting suite, which is situated near the vast looking Excel Centre.

We were honored to be joined a UK Bhangra legend Premi, who did a […]

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Ash & Parita Gupta

Great lads and a pleasure to work with.  Was really thorough in arranging all the details for the day and turned up ready to party! Highly recommend them to anyone

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Shibdeep and Inderpal, Slough Centre. (14/8/11)

Slough centre was marvelously decorated today for the wedding of Shibdeep and Inderpal.

DJ Sam and MC Chana, better known as Motion Music, setup a fabulous sound, light and visual show with screens playing videos to the music in realtime! […]

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“One More, One More!”. Jo and Paul, Ruislip. (13/8/11)

A wedding that is very close to home for Drummers Delight.

This was an intimate wedding, taking place at the family residence in a beautifully decorated marquee. It was great to see absolutely everyone getting involved in the dancing fun […]

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Dev and Nikki, Ascot Racecourse (13/8/’11)

Another entertainment packed wedding at the lovely Ascot racecourse today. The guests enjoyed the drinks reception whilst they listened to the sound of dhol and brass from the fantastic Ronka Mela Baja:

The bride and groom arrived to the venue […]

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The Calm After The Storm! (July)

I dont think we have ever seen so many people join in the Grand Entrance! I remember being completely surrounded by family and friends as we walked from the entrance to the cake table. It was fantastic to see […]

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Fairlop Waters Golf Club, Essex (July)

The audience cheered and clapped along as Drummers Delight along with Dave ‘Bagpipes’ Brooks, escorted the lovely couple into the Fairlop Waters wedding marquee.

Take a look at the amazing decor which was done by Nuchna Roadshow. Entertainment was also […]

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Wedding reception or Film set? (July)

Wedding videography has come along way since the old VHS, block like camera which would require two people to place onto the cameraman’s shoulder!

This wedding in Slough Centre made use of a camera fixed to a crane which you […]

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Stoneleigh Park, Coventry. (July)

DJ Rajeev from Kudos Music, keeping up the party atmosphere in Stoneleigh Park, Coventry.

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“Strictly Bhangra Dancing” (July)

While you wait for Strictly Come Dancing to return to your TV screens in Autumn, Drummers Delight have made their own version of the competition to entertain you!

The only difference is, there are no rehearsals only improvisation, it takes place […]

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“Put Your Hands Up In The Air!” (June)

This Sunday, Drummers Delight travelled up the M1 to The Goosedale Banqueting Hall in Nottingham.

Goosedale is a historic landmark set within over 100 acres of pure countryside. When we parked up we set our eyes on what was some […]

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Metropolitan Sports Club, Chigwell. (June)

It was absolutely roasting on this warm Saturday afternoon reception in Chigwell.

Entertainment was provided by Massacre Sounds DJ’s, who did a fantastic job!

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Dancing On Lights. (June)

There’s always something new at every wedding we perform at. This Sunday evening, we were in Nottingham where we saw the use of an LED dancefloor!

And what is that?…I hear you ask… The dance floor has built in twinkling LED […]

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The Ballroom, Park Plaza Hotel, Westminster. (June)

Drummers Delight have to agree that this is one of the latest additions to Londons top wedding venue’s. The magnificent ballroom, situated on Level -4 at this new hotel situated south of Westminster bridge, holds upto 1000 people!

Take a […]

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Back to The Future (June)

This weekend saw us performing at Riverside banqueting for the second time this year for Taj from Northern Lights. Djing provided by the very lively Mr Jags Klimax and furthermore there was live entertainment from Mangi Mahal. It was […]

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History Lesson…The Empire, Leicester

This is the first time Drummers Delight have performed here, at what is a historic landmark built by Ewan Christian in 1870. This former St Marks Church is an architectural masterpiece which was re-opened in 2005 as ‘The Empire’.

The […]

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The Conference Suite, West Bromwich. (April)

If you take a look at one of the older posts, you’ll see the adventure we faced the last time we came to this same venue. However, we arrived safe and sound and there wasn’t an orange van in […]

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Pre-wedding celebrations!

Saturday night bought drummers Delight to Birmingham for Amrit’s pre-wedding party. It was great to see all the friends and family getting involved in the fun and laughter.

We were very happy to see one of Drummers Delights’ favorite bhangra […]

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More fun in Wolverhampton!

The next part of our tour in Wolverhampton bought us to our dear friends’ wedding Sunny and Mandip.

Its great to perform for our loved ones and furthermore we can unwind and join in on the celebrations, we get to […]

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Wolverhampton racecourse

This weekend took us to Dunstall Park in the West Midlands where we entertained a very lively and energetic family, who had come all the way from Scotland.

The Drummers Delight dhol and bagpipes performance was perfect for this occasion. […]

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Who’s wedding is it anyway?

Its very rare for Drummers Delight to get almost drowned out on the ‘Grand Entrance’, but with a crowd that were roaring at the tops of their voices in combination with air horns, it really felt like we were […]

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By the roll of a drum the animals in Aynhoe park came alive!

What a magnificent wedding venue: the house is filled with wierd and wonderful pictures, paintings and sculptures. A venue like we have never seen before!

The enthusiastic crowd […]

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Royal College Of Drummers

Drummers Delight posing outside the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons, Holborn for a Black Tie themed wedding. The guests were very impressed by our unique performance as we played alongside the legendary Dave ” Bagpipes ” Brooks.

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Turkish Delight (and more!)

What better way to get a pre performance energy boost, than a table of assorted sweeties. The last time we saw this many sweets in one place was in the Woolworths ‘Pic N Mix’ stand.

It was a pleasure to […]

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Grand Cannaught Rooms

Take a look at lavish setup at the Grand Cannaught Rooms Ballroom. This was an entertainment packed reception with the exhilerating Jassi Sidhu performing live with his full band, playing some of our personal favourites from UK bhangra music. […]

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Drummers Delight

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Introducing “Plumbers Delight” :-D

Inbetween our day jobs and performing at weddings we recently decided to set up a very unique plumbing service.  Its so good that even Flavor Flav has decided to join forces with us.   Ooooh yeee lol

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Home sweet home

If you were driving on the M40 today and saw two Singhs in red pugs shivering on the hard shoulder, then you should have stopped to say hi! We broke down on the way to west brom. An […]

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Rumit Patel

Wow! you guys are incredible!! You walked onto the dance floor, did your thing and tore up the place.  Never have I seen the dhol get a party going and get people on the dance floor so quick!  Absolutely […]

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Free download: DD and the Chocoloate Factory ;-)

Here’s the Drummers Delight wallpaper.

Some say that it looks as though the gold will peel off to reveal delicious chocoloate… hmm we do kinda know what they mean.  :-)

Click on the image, right click and select “Save Picture As”

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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone. May this year be your best and most fun yet!! If you’re getting married this year, we wish you the best of luck in organising your special day. Let the fun times roll!! :-)

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Harmit & David Springett – London

We have never seen a dancefloor ‘rushed’ like that before, and that is a testament not only to DD’s skills but also the great energy and atmosphere they created during our entrance.

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Wehay!! “drummers-delight.com” is here!

We have spent many years entertaining and have always received most if not all of our bookings via recommendations and our fans (if we can call them that) spreading the word about us.  But now ladies and gents we […]

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