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The Arrival

A loud, fun and boisterous introduction to your brides family.

Dhol Players for Groom Procession

With your bride’s family eagerly awaiting your arrival, we’ll let them know who is arriving with a bang.  An energetic, loud, fun and boisterous performance to kickstart the day as you wish for it to continue.

The Welcome

An emotional yet electrifying welcome for the newly weds.

Dhol Players Reception Entrance

There is no better way to present the happy couple to their excited guests.  A thrilling performance which creates a magical moment for you and your guests to remember.  Comes with the goosebumps!

The Party

Start the Night with Drummers Delight.
High.  Energy.

Dhol Players in Bali, Indonesia

Guaranteed to get your guests up and on to the dance-floor.  Containing chart topping music from India, Europe and US billboard.  This DJ Drumming set will take your guests on a rollercoaster.


Who We Are

Dhol PlayersDhol PlayersDhol PlayersDhol PlayersDhol Player DeewaanDhol Player DeewaanDhol Player DeewaanDhol Player Deewaan






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  • Dhol Players

    Your Big Day, Our Honour

    Having the honour of performing for two people on the most important day of their lives is one that we cherish and it comes with great responsibility.  We do our [...]

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Groom's Procession
Groom's Entrance to Stage
Bride & Groom Grand Entrance
Start the Night with Drummers Delight
Bespoke Entrance Song Creation



Drummers Delight are a real pleasure to watch.  They bring that element of excitement to the event, and really get the crowd going.  Their talents far exceed their musical abilities.  They are full of enthusiasm, fun and energy.
Lucy Thompson, Surya Wedding Films
Drummers delight are truly a Delight to work with. Their unique style, pervasive attention to detail, their professionalism, perfectionism and of course, complete client satisfaction are just a few qualities that describe their work ethics. Always on time and with cool, calm and collective attitudes, the team provides exceptional service from start to finish.
Nina T. Pirani, Madhu’s Ltd
“Professional, punctual and their performance is second to none. Always our first choice.”
Suki Johal, Calibar Roadshow
“I have worked along side Drummers Delight on various occasions, a refreshing form of entertainment. Whilst the Dhol industry is taking a leap into a modern approach Drummers Delight maintain an authentic and traditional feel. The guys are always dressed for the occasion and certainly know how to get the party going.”
Jagdeep Dhillon, J Dhillon Photography
“The ultimate Show Stoppers! With every dynamic and creative way they hit the dhol, they make it enthralling and enjoyable to watch. Recommended for truely memorable and special events.”
DJ Raj K
“Drummers Delight are by far the most entertaining dhol players I have ever seen.”
Gurvinder Singh, Topaz Media
“Was fantastic seeing you guys for the second time! You surprised me the first time at my bros wedding. Till this day I receive positive and rewarding comments regarding your performance. Keep it up!”
Gurps Bansal
Great lads and a pleasure to work with. Was really thorough in arranging all the details for the day and turned up ready to party! Highly recommend them to anyone
Ash & Parita Gupta
“The first time I saw Drummers Delight, I was totally amazed as to how different this act is. Their performance gave me goosebumps, and it’s not an exaggeration that all the guests at the wedding were on their feet and clapping away. The crowd went crazy for them. If you want something different and outstanding at the same time, I would recommend Drummers Delight every single time! These guys are totally awesome.”
Tina Kaur
“To say my crowd were impressed by your performance would be a massive understatement. We tried to make our event as entertainment packed as possible, but my guests highlighted your performance as particularly special.”
Dev & Nikki Dhillon
“We were blown away by your performances at Sandeep and Urvashi’s wedding. First time I had ever seen you, was very impressed by your talent, creativity and energy. Totally unique entertainment and I am so pleased to hear my brother has been in touch with you for his wedding next year. Look forward to seeing you again soon.”
Rajinder Kaur
“A brilliant performance by Drummers Delight at our wedding. Made my entrance very entertaining and enjoyable for everyone. A number of guests commented to me about them and pointed out how different they were from the usual dhol performers at a wedding. Would recommend these guys every single time!”
Ketan & Jyoti Vaghjiani
“WOW! DD performed at our Reception and pre-wedding party and were wonderful. A very classy entrance followed by a wonderful kickstart to our party meant that our guests were serenaded with Punjabi beats and joined in with the festivities. Thank you guys.”
Hartej & Shonella
“We have never seen a dancefloor ‘rushed’ like that before, and that is a testament not only to DD’s skills but also the great energy and atmosphere they created during our entrance.”
Harmit & David Springett