Our Wedding Service

Wedding Procession

Your entrance to the wedding

With your partner’s family eagerly awaiting your arrival to your wedding, we’ll help to let them know who is arriving, with a bang! This is an energetic, loud, fun and boisterous performance to kickstart the day in the most perfect way. We’ll create an atmosphere and memories that you and your loved ones will cherish forever.

We begin by congregating you and your guests 20 to 50 yards from the entrance of the wedding venue at which time we begin our performance and make our way to the biggest day of your life, hands clapping, feet tapping.

This performance normally lasts for 30 minutes, however it is not uncommon for your guests to enjoy themselves so much that it lasts a lot longer!

We have conducted these processions in the streets of Leon (Mexico), London and beaches in Bali, Tenerife and Portugal to name just a few locations.

Photo by: www.mattwing.co.uk

Reception Entrance

Your grand entrance to the banquet

What better way to present you, as newly weds to your excited guests that are eagerly anticipating your arrival? As you walk through the crowd enjoying all the claps, smiles and cheers from your loved ones, this performance will certainly give you and everyone else the goosebumps!

It is a thrilling performance in to the banquet, which creates a magical moment for you and your guests to cherish. It creates the perfect setting and guests’ reactions for your photographers to snap away and capture.

We also offer you the opportunity to visit our studio in Notting-hill, London to create your very own wedding entrance song to which we perform to live on the day. See the DD Bespoke Service below.

Photo by: www.rajpassy.com

Party Performance

The mind-blowing DJ-Drumming set

Guaranteed to get your guests up and on to the dance-floor, this performance will bring a nightclub-like atmosphere to your wedding reception. It contains our own very mixes and mashups of chart topping music from India, Europe and the US billboard, for the ultimate fusion set perfect for any audience.

It will take you and your guests on a musical rollercoaster filled with ear-candy, incredible energy and not to mention a fun trip down memory lane, tipping our hat to dance, RnB and Hip-Hop hits of the past.

This 20 minute performance has required over 100 hours of preparation, pre production and rehearsal. We are very proud to announce that by summer 2021, this performance will be paired with state of the art visual graphics to be displayed on LED screens for the ULTIMATE dance-floor experience.

Photo by: www.axioo.com

The Bespoke Service

We invite you to our state of the art studio in London

Organising an event, be it a wedding, birthday party or corporate event is an opportunity for creative expression. From deciding outfits, event decor and colour schemes to creating wedding favours and choosing the culinary experience that represents YOU.

So we decided to allow you to use our 10 year’s expertise in music production and sound design to create your own music for your event. This could be an entrance song, first dance song, song mix during dinner or your very own musical motif or “jingle” bespokely made for you. This comes with the option of us performing live on the day, accompanied by other musicians like a saxophonist, violinist or any accompaniment to add a theatrical flare to your event.

This is a truly unique and incredibly fun experience that is regarded by our clients as the most fun part of organising their event.

It allows you to step in to a whole new world of creative possibilities.