A Road Block for Kritesh’s Big Bharaat Entrance.(17/8/13)

To ensure that Kritesh’s wedding entrance was made loud and clear to all, we decided to take the bharaat procession into the road. Although this slowed down one or two buses coming out of the nearby depot, the upside was that the Bride’s family were fully aware that a handsome young man was getting prepared to meet his Bride. We started from the bottom of the road, as we approached the Holiday Inn entrance, the Bride’s family also joined in on the dancing, clapping and cheering. There was a huge burst of energy in the dancing as the two families almost battled it out to show off their best moves. Im sure this has made a great wedding movie.

DD - Holiday Inn Aug 2013

We escorted Kritesh all the way upto the Mandap, inside the beautifully laid out reception. Holiday Inn, is a great wedding venue: situated near the hotel is Brentford Lock, which is a great external feature attached to this popular wedding venue. Kritesh, we wish you the very best for married life – Congratulations!

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