“Beep Beep!” Sachin’s Big Tuk Tuk Bharaat Entrance at the Parklands, Quendon Hall.(14/7/13)

We have seen, the finest Bentley’s, Ferrari’s used by Groom’s on wedding entrance but Sachin chose the most unique mode of transport used on a bharaat entrance ever! Planned by Amore Wedding planners and filmed by Shaadi Videography on a very sunny day at the Parklands (Quendon Hall), this wedding entrance will stay in memories of those that were present for a long time.

DD - Tuk Tuk Parklands

The bharaat procession started a few hundred yards away from the main house; guests were dancing and cheering and making as much noise as possible as we played in drums in front of a turquoise Tuk Tuk! There was a little bit of bhangra dancing mixed with some garbha and things got intense when the bride’s family joined in later. After a delicous breakfast courtesy of Indus catering, guests were seated and the Pakhwana ceremony took place after which we escorted Sachin to the Mandap, where there was a quick snatching of Sachin’s shoes as per wedding tradition; A very unique Bharaat Entrance!

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