Copthorne Effingham Park

The hotel guests at the Copthorne Effingham certainly didn’t need a wake up call on this Saturday morning…

With the help of Curehn’s family, we raised the volume level at 9:30am providing an audacious Bollywood entrance for the dapper groom.  The dance moves on display showed that the groom’s entourage had an incredible amount of energy despite it being so early in the morning…to this day I wonder what those guys had for breakfast!  As we approached Jaima’s family  standing by and eagerly anticipating the groom’s arrival, they gave as good as they got and showed us that we weren’t the only ones who could make some noise! That’s when Curehn decided to jump out of the Bentley and show everyone who the star of the show really is.

Another 10 minutes later.. and the dance-off was still in full swing.  If we were asked to choose which side had the best dance moves, it would be a tough one and is a competition that would certainly go to the 10th round! As is Indian custom, the bride does not join the guests until later in the ceremony.  Though had Jaima taken stage, it would be an easy choice :-).

We were all given a very warm welcome by Pandit Vasudev Mehta who started the proceedings with a blessing, followed by a beautiful ceremony, sharing with us his knowledge and wonderful charisma.

We were fortunate to meet with the stunning bride before her (slightly quieter) entrance in to the ceremony hall.  She was incredibly calm!

All the best Jaima and Curehn. Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day.


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