Dev and Nikki, Ascot Racecourse (13/8/’11)

Another entertainment packed wedding at the lovely Ascot racecourse today. The guests enjoyed the drinks reception whilst they listened to the sound of dhol and brass from the fantastic Ronka Mela Baja:

The bride and groom arrived to the venue on a carriage with two beautiful white Shire horses. Drummers Delight started the ‘Grand entrance’ bringing in the couple along with some family, who had lots of energy all the way to the dancefloor. I remember them completely surrounding the cake table.

If this wasnt enough already, there followed a live PA by Sukhshinder Shinda.

Shinda performed some of his greatest tracks including ‘Khushian’, ‘Wanga’ and ‘Aao Giddah’. Shinda truly rocked the dancefloor, as you can see its hard to find any empty space!

DJ’s : Calibar Roadshow, DJ Indy. Catering: Premier Rouge

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