Dhol at Parklands, Quendon Hall

The dhol gives us the opportunity to perform for people on the most important and auspicious day of their lives. This is always such a great honour and in over 10 years of playing, this feeling has not diminished one bit and infact, we are more grateful for this privilege than ever before. We really do have such an awesome job. Another amazing thing about what we do is that it takes us to the most beautiful places that we may not have otherwise seen. It is very fortunate to play at such stunning venues like we did on the 19th of July when our drumming adventures took us to the stunning 17th century mansion, Parklands in Quendon. The grandness of the house and beauty of its interior is matched by its breathtaking surroundings where you can enjoy the tranquil sounds of the water fountain mixed churping birds, buzzing bees and the cute deers rustling in the fields in the background.

We started the day off drumming the groom, Bhavin and his family to the entrance of the manor house where Arati’s family greeted him. In spite of it being so early in the morning, we managed to stir a dance-off between the two sides and realised we were dealing with partying enthusiasts and very competitive ones at that!

At the start of the wedding reception, the guests eagerly anticipated the arrival of Bhavin and Arati and were stunned by how amazing they looked and also with the very energetic and exciting drumming entrance that we performed. We had everyone cheering and clapping to the beat of our drums. Creating an electric atmosphere at the start of the event sure does guarantee an incredible and lively event. The DJ and host for the evening was Raj from Nuchna Roadshow who did a superb job with making all the guests feel welcome and of course very entertained! He had the dance floor flooded from the get go and this created the perfect environment for the drummers delight stage performance when we raised the roof slightly higher! J

Thanks for having us Bhavin and Arati.



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