Dhol Players Discover Best Wedding Guestbook? Drummers Delight

Dhol players at Wedding Ceremony In Wandsworth Town Hall

Bhavin and Sajal had the first part of their wedding: a Hindu mandap religious ceremony at Wandsworth Town Hall in London. The road was very busy with cars and people, however we still managed to do a procession with Bhavin and his family. Our Grand Entrance performance went up to the Town hall entrance where Bhavins family was greeted by Sajals Family. As London based dhol players, we are fortunate to see many different styles of weddings and creative touches. At this wedding we stumbled across this very unique guestbook:

Video Guest book at Wedding in Wandsworth town
Video Guestbook at Wedding in Wandsworth town Hall

At most of the weddings we have performed at there is a ‘paper and pen’ guest book, placed on a decorated table. This is the first wedding where we have seen a video guestbook. It was very easy to record a message and compared with a paper guest book it felt more interactive and fun. This is something that all guests would be easily drawn to. It also has the advantage that the guestbook will be digital and therefore it may be easier to access when you wish to revisit the wedding day.Along with photo-booths, this idea is likely to become more popular at weddings.

Dhol players at Wedding Reception in Hilton London Gatwick

Dhol Players London at Wedding Reception in Hilton Hotel Gatwick.
Dhol Players London at Wedding Reception in Hilton London Gatwick.

Bhavin and Sajals wedding reception was held at the lovely Hilton London, Gatwick Airport. The very authentic Indian colour choice of the cake looked great. The classy entertainment setup by DJ Gurps of Calibar Roadshow looked fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed performing on both days: Congratulations to Bhavin and Sajal!

To find out more about DJ Gurps and Calibar Events here is a link: Calibar Events

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