Dhol Players perform in Football Stadium-Drummers Delight

Priestfield Stadium is home to English League 1 team, Gillingham Football club. It has been as their home ground since the club was founded in 1893. In recent years it has become a very popular asian wedding venue in Kent and South-East England.

Dhol Player London, perform at Wedding in Priestfield Stadium
Priestfield Stadium (Gillingham Football Club)

As dhol players based in London, we have been fortunate to perform at some fine venues in central and greater London.  I can definitely say that the ‘Great Hall and Piano Bar’ at Priestfield Stadium is one of those great venues.

Dhol playes London at perform at wedding in Priestfield Stadium
Wedding Cake Table

Being a 500 capacity wedding venue, every event we have performed at here has been a big event. This Panjabi wedding reception started off with a big bang when we performed our Drummers Delight Grand Wedding Entrance for the Bridge and Groom.

Party Performance by Drummers Delight Dhol Players London
Party Performance by Drummers Delight, Dhol Players London

As you can see from the photo above, the Great Hall is draped with Star cloth. It was a bright Spring day outside, but there was a nigh-time party feel when we were inside. The dance floor was overloaded when we performed a second time during the dancing hours. We performed to a custom produced music piece which had a mix of Bhangra, Panjabi and English songs. There was also a live performance from a well known Bhangra Dancing Group. Master entertainers DJ Harry and MC Decio (Ritzy Music) did a grand job of entertaining the guests for the rest of the afternoon.

Another Great wedding in the Great Hall, Priestfield Stadium.

For couples who are planning a wedding, we have included a link to the Great Hall, Priestfield Stadium, click here: Priestfield Weddings

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