Watch The Drummers In Action

“Life is driven by a single pulsation of the heart repeated periodically to create the most natural rhythm known to humans.”  This is why we believe that everybody is born with rhythm and all it takes are some gentle techniques to unlock our rhythmic potential and turn it in to a musical skill.

The drummers delight dhol workshops are fun, interactive, educational and suitable for all ages.  Students will learn about ‘dhol’,  a double sided barrel shaped drum originating from the North of India.

By the end of a workshop, students will have learnt

  • a brief history of the instrument and its significance in the Indian culture
  • the fundamentals of eastern and western rhythm
  • how to play popular rhythms on the dhol
  • how the drum is used in contemporary Indian music
  • how it can be used in contemporary western pop music
  • how the drum is recorded on a song in a studio environment 
[advanced workshops for aspiring music making professionals]

The drumming workshops promote creative expression, teamwork and rhythmic co-ordination between students.  No prior musical knowledge is required to undertake a workshop and we have developed a variety of techniques to unleash the natural rhythm of our students of all ages and abilities.

The workshops are taught by Aman Chohan [DBS certified] who has worked with some prominent names in popular music such as Lady Gaga, Marlon Roudette and Sly & Robbie to name a few.