From “I Do” to Didgeridoo – Pavan and Shubs, (27/4/13).

This was a beautiful sunny day at the Royal Ascot racecourse, for the wedding of Pavan and Shubs. This was a very unique ‘Grand Entrance’ as a short while before the first performance, we were introduced to Bear and Damien, Didgeridoo players, to form an Aussie-Indian music collaboration. I think the crowd were very suprised to see this combination of instruments being played together , but it was very much enjoyed. Bear and Damien played into microphones once we all reached the dancefloor which gave an exhilarating sound!

DD - Pavan and Shubs 1

After some starters courtesy of Premier Rouge catering, Pavan and Shubs put on a performance of their own during their first dance; they danced to a medley of songs including ‘Michael Jackson- You rock My world’, which had the guests smiling and clapping along!

DD - Pavan and Shubs 2

We later did our ‘Start The Night’ performance which filled up the dancefloor. For the remainder of the evening the guests were entertained by MC Sunny and DJ Rax , better known as the long established ‘Amabassadors Of Sound’ Djs. A very unique bride and groom entrance – Congrats Pavan and Shubs!

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