Harminder and Renna, Felbridge Hotel. (1/7/12)

This was was our third and final performance of this very busy Saturday for DD. Harminder and Renna celebrated their wedding at the Felbridge spa and hotel. We arrived early so we got to see how wonderfully the venue had been decorated and also we got a glimpse of this large and magnificent wedding cake:

The couple made their entrance into the reception to a song of their choice: ‘Earthquake by Labrinth’. After some starters we started the dancing with our ‘Start the Night’ performance and I can remember the dancefloor being absolutely filled with family and friends, there was just enough space for a couple of guys to pick up Harminder and do the classic ‘Groom on the Shoulders’ move. DJ Dimitri from Calibar Roadshow kept the crowds dancing all the way into the early hours of the morning. A nice finish to the weekend for DD.

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