Heena and Rajiv, The Royal Ascot Racecourse. (26/5/12)

The sunshades were on, the AC was on full and the boot was packed with water bottles as we drove down to The Royal Ascot Racecourse in what was to be the first wedding for us in the much overdue British summer. The suit blazers were left behind in the car as there was no need for anything more than a thin shirt to beat the heat. An ice-cold drink was the perfect welcome courtesy of Premier Rouge catering. Below is a picture taken from our dressing room, you can see just what a bright morning it was and look at how clear the sky is!!!

The area pictured is just outside the reception suite, which is located on the first floor. Although this picture shows a few family members, shortly after this picture was taken the whole area was flooded with the groom’s friends and family along with photographers and the film crew who were capturing people’s best smile’s and poses. We escorted the wedding procession, along with Rajiv who arrived in a crisp white Mercedes wedding car, up to the Pakwana ceremony, after which we lead Rajiv to the stage where he made himself comfortable for the wedding ceremony with the bride Heena. The entertainment from here on was provided by Shiv Gopal, who played all the great wedding classics.A very hot but enjoyable first wedding of the summer sunshine!

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