James’ Big Entrance for his Big Day, Syon Park. (14/9/12)

James started his wedding with a big bang at The Garden Room Syon Park, where we escorted him and his family into the venue, in what was a bharaat procession. The friends and family gathered outside the gate to the garden room and got themselves in the dancing mood when hearing the beat of our drums, and danced all the way upto the venue where they were met by the bride’s family.

Although our entertainment was just to start off the day, the fun continued when James made his way inside for the ‘Milni’. James was asked to stand on a small platform which is a wedding custom, at which point the crowd chuckled because James already stands at well over 6 feet tall, in the picture above you can see he is a foot or two above the rest! Congratulations James, wishing you and your bride loads more laughter in your married life together!

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