Meera and Nikhil, Beaumont House, Windsor. (23/9/12)

It was a rainy morning at Beaumont House for Nikhil’s Bharaat entrance to his wedding with Meera, but the only difference this made was the addition of an umbrella to keep Nikhil dry as he stepped out of a luxury wedding car looking very smooth. It was a tight squeeze in the shelter just outside the hotel reception but there was enough room to squeeze in the groom, the camera crew, the drummers and to top it off the groom’s family and all of their dance moves!

Inside the venue, the mandap was beautifully decorated, which is where Nikhil was later joined joined by his bride Meera, for their hindu wedding ceremony. Guests enjoyed the taste of Preeti Catering throughout the day and there was music throughout the ceremony by Shiv Gopal.

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