Our 1st event of 2011

Having enjoyed many weekends off over Christmas and throughout the month of January… this all came to a glamorous end on Saturday when we performed at our first event of 2011. It was ace, the clients were lovely and very hospitable and well it was simply a great event to kick off this year of bookings. The venue: www.riverside-venue.co.uk was pretty darn spectacular. We pulled up outside and weren’t quite sure what to expect to be honest but the moment we stepped inside, we were very impressed…. the banqueting hall was beautiful, well decorated with great acoustics and our artist changing room: pretty much a 5* suite!! And not forgetting the bathrooms… you can always gauge a venue by how well the bathrooms are maintained… and well 5 stars all around! :-).

Music by Calibar Roadshow, who are always a pleasure to work with. I think we managed to flood the dancefloor (from empty to full) in a record 40 seconds! ;-)

Check out the the oval domes in the ceiling…these naturally amplify the sound in the venue which means the DJ doesn’t have to tear your ears off! Very clever technology!

Ok until next time…over and out.


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