Sab and Sandy, Allesley Hotel, Coventry (7/4/12)

This weekend started with a drive up the M40 to Allesley which is on the outskirts of Coventry. This popular wedding venue is where Sab and Sandy held their beautiful wedding reception. Take a look at the magnificent chandeliers inside the reception suite

The ‘Grand Entrance’ took place from the rear of the reception suite, through the centre aisle to the head table which was lead by our bagpiper. The sound of the pipes pierced through the crowd as we walked to the dancefloor where the crowd clapped and cheered during our performance, they were very loud and lively…I think I saw the chandeliers shaking!

 Sab and Sandy cut their wedding cake and took their place in the centre of the dancefloor to have their first dance as husband and wife. Shortly after this we opened the dancing and got all the family and friends waving their hands in the air, shaking their hips and pulling all their best moves out of the bag in celebration of the big family wedding. DJ Rags from Calibar Roadshow did a fantastic job of keeping the crowd glued to the dancefloor for the rest of the party!

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