Sachin and Aniksha, Hilton Park Lane. (4/6/12)

After a couple of days of celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the first event of this long weekend was at Hilton Park Lane for Sachin and Aniksha’s wedding ceremony. The ceremony took place in the Ballroom, which had been amazingly decorated by Rangeela Arts. We escorted Sachin and the Bharat from the ground floor upto the ballroom itself. Im sure the her majesty could probably have heard us and the cheers of the bharat all the way in Buckingham Palace!

After Sachin and the bharat had arrived at the mandap and met Aniksha’s family we witnessed the custom of “Stealing the Groom Shoe’s”. From all the weddings I have been to I must say that on this occasion the pulling and tugging did get intense but I’m glad to say everyone was safe and sound by the end of it. What particularly amused us was that after all the sweat that went into trying to grab the shoes, look where they ended up:

….In the DD dressing room! If Aniksha’s family are still looking for this shoe we are accepting offers, however if there is high demand we will put it up for auction!!!

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