‘The Beat Of the Drum Goes Round and Round’ – Egham. 3/5/12.

If you have been following us and reading our blog, you will be aware that recently we stumbled across what we thought could well be the future of Drummers Delight. Following on from this; we were kindly asked to perform at the Milton Hall Montessori Nursery School to celebrate the birthday of these two lovely young boys, Arman and Anmol.

The children of the school initially watched us perform with their hands cupped over their ears, trying to dampen the loudness of the drums, but soon enough they were jumping up and down dancing to the beats. It was like seeing a school assembly turn into a Party, it was great!

We then opened a short workshop, where the kids very orderly queued up to take a turn to play the drums. They had to stretch their arms as wide as possible to get the sticks to hit each side: but they all did well and looked very happy once they were hitting both sides together. It was great to be invited to the school to celebrate the occasion and even more great to watch the kids having so much fun!

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