The entertainment filled wedding of Kathy and Jora, Slough. (26/5/12)

The lovely couple Kathy and Jora celebrated their wedding at Slough Centre on a very sunny saturday afternoon. They made the most of the good weather by taking some great pictures in the gardens just outside the venue:

Once the couple stepped inside the reception the partying and the celebrations began. Drummers Delight joined Kathy and Jora in the ‘Grand Entrance’ up to the cake table during which many of the friends and family came forward to dance and join in. Shortly after this Jas Johal from Kudos Music opened up the dancefloor which remained full throughout the party. If having some of the UK’s favorite DJ’s was not enough, there was a further treat of live dancers from a highly admired bhangra group ‘Gabhru Panjab De’.

The dancers were also joined by the bhangra music industry’s well known voices Dev Dhillon and also Angrej Ali who has sung on a bhangra anthem produced by Aman hayer called ‘Tharthi Hildi’. What a line up of entertainers at this awesome wedding!

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