The Lovely Wedding Of Sapna and Niten. (6/4/12).

This weekend started at the luxurious Beaumont House in Windsor. The sound of our drums was very entertaining for some but to others (hotel guests) it must have been a very loud alarm clock, our way of saying ‘Good Morning!’ This event was managed by Amore Weddings; we particularly liked the fantastic choice of decor; look at the attention to detail:

The groom Nitin, arrived on a beautiful white horse and as we escorted him to meet the bride’s family for the ‘milni’ we saw more dance moves than I’ve  seen in a Bollywood movie! It was a great start to the day, to see all these lovely people having lots of fun so early in the morning. After breakfast the guests took their seats for the start of the wedding ceremony, which took place in this serene looking mandap. The bride and groom look very calm, sat opposite each other while the Pandit ji commences some prayers. A beautiful first event of April!

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