The Wedding of Gurpreet and Kuldip, Derby. (29/7/12)

This weekend we drove along most of the M1. The early morning start took us to Derby to the house of Kuldip, where I think we woke up his neighbours as we played Kuldip out of his house. After this initial warm up, we met up withe Kuldip and his family just outside the local Gurdwara where we met more family adn friends and made as much noise as possible to let the Bride’s family know the Groom’s party were arriving, I’m sure we made this loud and clear!

After the ‘Anand Karaj’ the wedding party moved to the Kohinoor Banqueting suite for the afternoon reception. We made the ‘Grand Entrance’ with Kuldip and the bride Gurpreet, along with the families who were raring to go; the dancefloor was so full of people there was hardly any space for us to move! Just before the first dance, there were some very moving speeches by both fathers, after which our ‘Start the Night’ performance started off the dancing. DJ Nari did a marvellous job on the decks, keeping the crowd on their feet! A fabulous day in Derby!

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