The Wedding of Krishna and Maheem, Riverside. (23/6/12)

The Riverside is another fantastic venue where Krishna and Maheem held their wedding. Maheem, looking like a prince arrived on a beautifully decorated white horse  (provided by ‘Film and TV horses’). The crowd cheered and danced in front of the cameras (Final Cut Productions) as we led the bharaat to meet the Krishna’s family, where the two sides battled it out in what looked like a dance off.

After the civil ceremony, the family and friends payed close attention to the ceremony for the next couple of hours as the pandit ji went through various prayers and wedding customs.

The wedding then moved back up to the first floor for the reception, where guests enjoyed some lovely food by Riverside catering. After the Grand Entrance we managed to get the dancefloor flooded with the ‘Start The Night’ performance. DJ’s Jaz and H and from Paragon Roadshow did a fabulous of job of keeping the crowd on their toes throughout the party playing a great mix of bhangra and bollywood. A great day at the Riverside.

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