The Wedding of Nazneen and Paul, Ridge Farm Dorking. (11/8/12)

The skies were clear, the sun was shining brightly and there was a light breeze, which was the perfect weather for this outdoor wedding of Nazneen and Paul at the Ridge Farm in Dorking. Ridge farm is a historic mediaeval farmhouse set in 12 acres of gardens, meadows and woodland. Over the years it has retained its character and become a popular venue for weddings, holidays and corporate events.

We were kept hidden from the guests on the approach to Nazneen’s entrance as it was surprise, and thats exactly how the guests appeared once we escorted Naz and the bridesmaid’s upto the ceremony. The guests listened attentively to the registrar who guided the couple through the exchange of their vows to each other. The couple’s very adorable little boy Sachin, did the honour of passing the rings to mum and dad individually; a very touching moment. As the couple shared a kiss as Husband and Wife, we re-started the drumming and escorted the couple and all the guests into an open field, where the fun and games commenced.

The guests formed a big circle, in the centre of which were us and the married couple. The fun started with a 2 minute crash course in bhangra dancing, followed by a lot of freestyle dancing, cheering to the beat of our drums and big smiles for the cameras: very enjoyable! The guests then enjoyed drinks and canopes provided by Passage to India catering. A beautiful day for a beautiful wedding!

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