The Wedding of Rajal and Dhiran, The Garden Room, Syon Park. (23/6/12)

Rajal and Dhiran celebrated their wedding day in the Garden Room, Syon Park. We started the day by escorting Dhiran into the venue as he enjoyed rolling into the forecourt in a shiny white convertible Bentley. We led the bharat all the way upto the mandap, where the pandit ji guided the couple through the religous ceremony.



The venue was later transformed into a wedding reception, which is where this extravagant wedding cake caught my eye. We later did a ‘Grand entrance’ with the couple up to the cake table where the cake cutting ceremony took place to start off the reception. This was followed by dinner courtesy of Ragamama.

After our party performance, we got to catch up with some friends of Drummers Delight who’s wedding we played at last year: this picture was taken in a photo booth setup in the foyer, which became the centre of a lot of laughter and fun. DJ Taz from Calibar Roadshow did a fantastic job of creating more fun on the dancefloor. Getting bored was not an option at this very fun wedding.

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