The Wedding of Sukie and Sat, Sheraton Park Lane. (8/7/12)

All the hotels on Park Lane are magnificent, but this weekend the very elegant Sheraton hotel really stood out. The reception hall had large sparkling chandeliers hanging from above, and this matched the table centerpieces which were also chandelier styled. As guests made their way down the stairs toward the main ball room they were greeted by hosts and a drinks reception courtesy of Curry Special who also provided the catering.

Once guests were seated we made the ‘Grand Entrance’ with the couple: today we had addition of Roger a Bagpiper to make Drummers Delight a 3 piece band. The sound of the drums and pipes rumbled up to the high ceiling as the crowd was marveled at this wonderful reservoir of music pouring out in front of the couple as they made their way inside.

After the couple had their first dance, we opened up the dancefloor which saw many of the guests filling up the dancefloor including many friends of the couple. DJ H from Kudos Music did a wonderful job of keeping the crowd dancing for the rest of the evening. A lovely wedding in this very Grand venue!

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