Your Big Day, Our Honour

Having the honour of performing for two people on the most important day of their lives is one that we cherish and it comes with great responsibility.  We do our best, just as if the wedding were our own.

The greatest gift that we can give our audience in the moment we perform is just that; a moment.  A moment filled with the boundlessness of harmonious rhythm that effortlessly carries you deeper in to the next.    One that goes beyond ticking clocks, for the nature of Time is that it progresses forwards and in one direction.  On the contrary, the Moment progresses in expansion and inflation in all directions outwards and 360˚ deeper inwards. To a place where Time is as foreign as an ice-cube in the Sahara Desert.  The infinite tentacles of each Moment bind together in to a web of a heightened experience with amplified feeling that you will cherish and remember forever.

We only ever remember what we were feeling in a moment and true to the nature of feelings, just like moments, they too are timeless.  Our greatest endeavour is to gift you with this experience.

To cultivate such majestic moments is something we have worked towards in the 1000+ weddings we have performed at, the hundreds if not thousands of hours of practice with one another and creating emotional and euphoric musical experiences for our  clients and audiences.  We aren’t really in the business of drumming, more we are in the business creating magical moments, memories, feelings and doing this with professionalism and impeccable service.

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